Peoria Illinois commercial solar array

From manufacturing to large office complexes, solar offers returns for decades: Energy control, lower bills and environmental responsibility.


The purchase of a Solar PV system is an investment to insure against today’s unstable fuel markets and stabilize costs for 30+ years. Hawk Energy Solutions can install a system to generate energy that will compensate for electric costs up to 5 times the original investment before the warranty expires. New systems generally have no maintenance costs, as there are no moving parts. Learn more about financing and incentives available

What to Expect

Hawk Energy Solutions is an Illinois based company providing solar pv solutions to energy consumers throughout the Midwest. We provide a full spectrum of services through a very diverse team with backgrounds in construction, customer service, operations management, etc. Our team takes an honest approach to your energy needs offering several options based on the priorities set by you the consumer.

  1. Free Site Survey & Analysis: Hawk Energy Solutions comes to your home or business and sits down with you to decide what the priorities are based on consumption, aesthetics, economic goals, government incentives/rebates, structural capabilities, etc. We analyze your site for solar potential including roof layout, roof composition, shading, and ground mount possibilities.
  2. Design & Engineering Support: Based on the priorities set forth in the survey and analysis process, we design a system that is specific to your needs and fits the site capabilities. The system is designed to maximize your energy potential and fulfill your environmental and economic goals. We provide you with system specs, product descriptions, estimated costs, estimated output/savings - all at no charge.
  3. Installation: Hawk Energy Solutions offers professionally-installed systems built with quality products. You will experience a service-oriented installation team that will minimize any disruption to normal operations and leave the work site looking professional and clean.
  4. Maintenance: A solar PV array generally requires no maintenance, as there are no moving parts. The panels come with a 20-25 year warranty; the inverters carry a 10+ year warranty. Hawk Energy Solutions also provides a 2-year workmanship warranty with annual system checks for the life of the panel warranty.

solar Benefits

  • Reliable self-generated power supply
  • Lower energy costs
  • Tax and depreciation advantages
  • Environmentally responsible

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