Solar Energy’s Answer to Escalating Electric Bills
in Central Illinois and Beyond.


Hawk Energy Solutions offers businesses, churches, schools and communities in Central Illinois effective solar energy implementation plans and creative financing options that make solar options possible.






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Reducing your reliance on electric grid is not only good for your budget, but it supports environmental responsibility.
For each kWh of solar energy produced we save one pound of coal from being burned. If the average household offset just half of their energy with solar power, we could reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere by 3.5 tons of carbon dioxide annually.

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As the cost of electricity generation increases, so does your return on investment in solar energy. Photovoltaic (solar electric) systems provide reliable results for decades. Hawk Energy will help you identify rebates, grants and financing options to make a solar energy project not only affordable but capable of saving you a significant portion of your electric costs for decades to come.

Illinois Solar Installation


Hawk Energy Solutions is experienced in identifying creative ways to utilize solar panels to optimize your system’s capacity for energy production and maximize your return on your investment. We make custom solar projects uncomplicated, low-maintenance, affordable and quick to yield cost savings!

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